Sunday, 20 March 2011

A God-incidence during a time of pain

This will be quite a short blog... But I wanted to share this with people.  At the time when I had my second miscarriage I was meant to be at a women's conference called Cherish at Abundant Life Church, Bradford.  I always go every year with my best friend.

I decided to go to the evening celebration as I'd been waiting for my body to realise that it wasn't pregnant and to fully miscarry for a couple of weeks and was still waiting.  I got home from the evening meeting and pretty much when I got back through the front door to home started having contraction type pain (leading to my full miscarriage through the night).

For obvious reasons I didn't get to the 2nd day of the conference, but despite feeling shocking and very tired I forced myself to go to the 3rd day of the conference.  The first talk on the morning of this day was by Charlotte Scanlon (Pastor at Abundant Life Church who herself has been on a journey of trying to conceive).  The talk was a big 'God-incidence' or others may say coincidence.  It was called the Long Way Round and what we can gain from going the 'long way round' to reach our dreams.  I wouldn't usually link people to things like this but if you have a dream in your heart I recommend you get a copy of this teaching as it is very encouraging and was so very timely to my situation!

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