Friday, 25 November 2011

20 weeks 5 days

It's been a loooong while since I posted on here!  I think it was at least 3 months ago!  So just a quick update from me...

If you read my previous update you will know that I am pregnant.  I am now 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I have found pregnancy firstly a huge answer to prayer but in equal measure I have found it really difficult to relax in to being pregnant.  With the blood condition I have (pro thrombin mutant gene or its more medical term hetrozygous gene for prothrombin) I am on daily blood thinners throughout the pregnancy.  This is to ensure that my placenta functions properly and the baby gets the nutrients it needs to stay alive.  So far so good, I can now feel the baby which is a daily reassurance that she is doing fine.

My blood condition has meant that I have found it really hard to not worry that I would lose another baby.  But this week (after my 20 week scan last Friday) I am now feeling happier that in just a few months time me and my husband will have a baby! :-)

I think the reason for my lack of posting has been that I haven't known what to put and today I feel like I am rambling a bit :-) so please bear with me!  I have wanted to get excited but equally known that this would mean a bigger fall should anything go wrong.  I've thought about posting about my worries but thought actually it is a BIG blessing that I am getting closer to the reality of being able to have my own baby and so my worries and fears pale in to insignificance with others.

My heart and prayers are with those of you reading this blog who are on the journey to trying to conceive.  It's a difficult place to be and I've cried many tears of brokenness over my 4 years of attempts and miscarriages so I pray that as you come into December and the end of this year your spirits will be lifted and that 2012 will be an amazing time of opportunities, new beginnings, answered prayers and fulfilled dreams.

If you are a praying person me and my DH would be really blessed if you prayed a quick prayer for our baby that she is kept safe throughout my pregnancy and that she is born healthy and happy in Spring next year.  My due date is 8th April 2012