Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ever feel like you've been smacked in the face?!

Last night was one of those moments when I felt like I'd just been smacked in the face.... I was sat chatting with friends and we got talking about someone's wedding that is taking place in 4 month's time.  One of the bridesmaids said, "well it's been really difficult with Laura getting pregnant, she now needs a maternity dress.  She'd said before Christmas that she would be getting pregnant in January and that she'd need a maternity dress but it's been difficult getting the bridesmaids to match".

...That was to me a verbal smack in the face... firstly, I didn't know she was pregant but secondly (and perhaps more significantly to my pain) for me to say I'm going to get pregnant next month is fantasy and to know that other people can plan their pregnancy like they are planning a hair cut really hurts!  I'm sure if you've been struggling to conceive for a while you too will feel that pain when friends say these things not knowing what they are saying is a massive challenge to the situation you are living through.

Over my next few blogs, I'll hopefully bring you up to date with what has happened over the past 3 to 4 years, to bring you up to date with where I am now.  I won't put it all in one blog... as rather than a blog I think this may turn it in to a novel!  I know some people will read some of these blogs and think well, my situation is even worse and I know that will be the case for some of you.  But one thing I heard (which I believe to be very true) is we shouldn't compare as pain is pain and it doesn't hurt any less knowing that someone is hurting more.

My prayers are with those of you who are struggling, those of you who feel trapped in your situation and need freedom.  I pray that you will seek God, seek His help in grabbing hold of that freedom!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

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