Thursday, 9 June 2011

today's haematology appointment

Having finished work two and a half weeks ago (due to redundancy), I've had a couple of weeks of relaxing and fun things... been to a take that concert, a couple of spa days, met up with friends etc... but now I'm back on the trying to conceive wagon!!

This afternoon we have our haematology appointment so that I can start my daily injections of fragmin to thin my blood.  It was decided at my last miscarriage that I needed to start the injections before I got pregnant as I started to lose the baby on the day of my appointment to start the injections in my last pregnancy.

I hated the injections last time as they are painful and need to be injected in to my stomach.  My husband is going to be taught how to inject me so that will be a daily joy!!  Our neighbours will think we're have blazing rows on a daily basis!!

I'd really appreciate your prayers that I get pregnant quickly, that this time it's a keeper and is a healthy baby and that I overcome my fear of injections.

In my heart I know that as it says in the Bible "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' but living that out is quite different to knowing it!

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