Monday, 13 June 2011

so we're now trying to conceive again!!!

So just a quick update from my last post.

I visited the haematologist on Thursday.  I was disappointed that it wasn't my usual constultant.  Unfortunately, it was the consultant who badly advised me last year to take the fragmin once I found out I was pregnant which likely contributed to my 3rd miscarriage.  So I wasn't filled with confidence when I realised that I would be seeing her again!

The appointment was pretty pointless (apart from obviously to get the prescription for the fragmin) as I went with a long list of questions and she seemed to just be hazarding a guess to the answers.  A couple of examples...

ME:  Do I need to take the fragmin when I have a period?
DR: Mmmm well yes probably... or you could stop.  It might make your periods a bit heavier

ME: I've read that fragmin can affect bone density.  I'm also on steroid inhalers that can affect bone density so should I be taking a supplement for calcium?
DR: Not initially as although fragmin can affect bone density if you're only taking it for a short time it won't
ME: If I'm taking it until I get pregnant and then through the pregnancy and for a bit of time afterwards that would be over a year.  That seems quite a long time
DR: Mmmm yes possibly.  Will cross that bridge later on down the line.  Don't take a supplement and just make sure you get vitamin D and calcium through diet, going out in the sun and doing weight bearing exercise.
(I'm left thinking when will we cross that bridge... what I think she meant was 'wait for your usual consultant to be back and ask her all the questions)!

So I left feeling a little bit irritated as I'd built myself up for my husband to be taught how to do the injections (though in hindsight I'm happy for the nurse to be doing them at the moment).  He didn't get taught as the Dr we saw wasn't really interested and just said my medical practice would be able to teach him.  My usual consultant is very on the ball and pro-active so I felt a bit short changed.

I then rang my medical practice the next day to ask for a nurse to do the injections.  I was consequently told that they wouldn't do them possibly until my next period.  For a couple of hours, whilst I was left hanging there wondering whether they would do the injections, I was busy ringing other practices to see if they had availability for new patients as I was so annoyed at my treatment.  As I told the nurse, I'd already started trying so there was a chance that by them not giving me the injections until my next period that it may cause me to have another miscarriage.

Anyway, a couple of hours later a Doctor rang me from the surgery and they'd done a complete U turn and asked me to go to the surgery for the injection.  (Seemingly, the hospital had now given them confirmation and they told me they needed to be careful as I could've just decided that I wanted the injections myself and not seen a consultant)?!  This was said to me by the nurse who has seen first hand my phobia of needles! :-)  I think she thought this explanation was a little bit far fetched too but I guess policies are policies and they need to be adhered to!

So I've now had 3 injections.  So far no bruising!!!!  We've got a few close friends praying and I'm sure that's making all the difference to my state of mind in having the injections (so far I haven't freaked out completely) and I'm very thankful that so far no major bruising... although I think at some point it will happen as it's known if you inject in the same place twice the area bruises badly so if I'm having them for a long time they are bound to inject in the same location.

My hubby is due to be taught on Wednesday but I might ask if I can have the nurses do it for another week as I'm not sure I'm at the point of being calm enough to let my hubby do it yet!

So time will tell how it goes... we're just deciding how long to ttc whilst on fragmin before calling it a day and looking at other options.  We will probably only try for a couple of months as we're conscious of the possible long term health implications and my obvious dislike for needles.  We both think, for us, we feel we have to draw the line somewhere as it's now been 3 long years since we started trying.  I know others have tried for a lot longer and I commend you for your strength and my heart also goes out to you... but we think, for us, we need to set a limit.  So please pray that if it's God's will for us to get pregnant that it would happen over the next couple of cycles.

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  1. That's excellent news! I'm so excited for you! I will definitely be praying! So glad you're able to handle the needles well thus far, too :-)