Wednesday, 15 June 2011

overcoming fears, the two week wait & will power

So I've now been on the fragmin injections for six days.  It seems a lot longer but it is just six days.  I've started to bruise a bit.  Unfortunately the nurse has said the bruising means the injections are working and so I'm expecting bruising lke last time I was on fragmin (my stomach was black and blue).

I've also worked out that if I got pregnant this month the amount of injections to the estimated date of arrival would now be 259!!  Not sure why I decided to work that out but I wanted a clear idea in my own mind :-)

I've had a job interview today and been offered the job so I start the week after next.  This means I must get my head round my hubby doing the injections asap!  Overcoming fears isn't easy but I'm getting there!!  I've taken to shutting my eyes firmly whilst the needle goes in... it's kind of working but doesn't help with the stinging afterwards.

I'm now in the two week wait time too... so am itching to do a test.  No signs that I am pregnant but guess it's too early to tell.  I've been and bought a test today but I'm going to hold off until the weekend to use it (that is if I've got the will power).  My usual trick is to do the test far too early and then be bitterly disappointed that it's showing a BFN!  So I'm determined not to do that this time!

Hope you are all having a good week.  Praying for all of you who are going through fertility problems, miscarriage and IVF.  I've recently read some really tough and difficult times in blogs and on twitter and am inspired by your courageousness and strength.  So I pray that you get strength and perserverance to continue on your journey in trying to conceive.  I pray also for your peace xx

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