Monday, 11 April 2011

Health tips and getting in the best shape to try to conceive

So I thought I'd write this blog to ask for some tips from you.

We're planning on starting trying for a baby again at the end of June.  This is dependant on getting clear results from various blood tests and chromosome tests (otherwise we'll be waiting to see the Gynecologist in August) but I'm thinking positive and thinking it will be June!

For those of you who haven't read my previous blogs, I've had three miscarriages and it's been identified that I have a pro thrombin gene mutation  (which is possibly the reason for my miscarriages), so next time I try I need to have a daily blood thinning injection.

Anyway, I would like to get myself in the best possible shape for when I next try to conceive... reduce stress, eat healthier and do more exercise are the obvious things but I wondered if people out there have any hints or tips on things I could do to give me and my husband the best chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Specifically I would like to ideally come off my steroid preventative inhalers for my asthma (I wondered if any of you had any thoughts on natural remedies), lose a bit of weight by eating healthily and doing exercise.  My plan for exercise is taking part in the race for life so that I get out beforehand doing a bit of training and I also like various activities like swimming, aerobics and hula classes so plan to do these more regularly!

I'm speaking to my doctor about reducing asthma medication etc but equally I'd like to look at natural options.  All thoughts very welcome!

Enjoy your week x

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