Thursday, 26 May 2011

confident, courageous and beautiful

Last year at the time I had my 2nd miscarriage, my friend bought me a beautiful notebook with a quote on the front and on the back cover.  I love the words on the book and so want to share them to encourage you this morning...

On the front cover it says...
'Tomorrow belongs to the confident and courageous who refuse to give up on their dreams'

Reading peoples' blogs and tweets of people who, like me, long for a baby I read about so many of you who are confident and courageous so be inspired not to give up on your dreams

And on the back cover it says...
Once upon a time
heaven dreamed a dream
and that dream was you,
beautiful you...
and you are beautiful, truly beautiful...
Perhaps you don't see it
but you have a tag attached to you
tied with the strongest ribbons
It is a tag that can never be removed
and these are the words heaven has written up on it...
"You always have been and always will be
perfect and beautiful to me...
created by design... a gift to this world"

(notebook created by

Never forget that you were created by design and that no matter how you are feeling God always see you as beautiful! x


  1. What a beautiful quote! Thanks for sharing. And what a wonderful friend to think of you. I have a friend like that and they are so irreplaceable.

  2. I thought it was a beautiful quote too! I think you're right... friends like that are irreplaceable.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    All the very best wishes x